A Closer Look at Piracetam

Anybody who finds that their lack of concentration and mental acuity are letting them down big style should look into what nootropic “smart drugs” have to offer. These substances have the ability to push mental function beyond their natural levels in each individual. And, when it comes to nootropics, piracetam is the pick of the bunch.

What is piracetam?

PiracetamIt was back in the early 1960s that a chemist originally hailing from Romania was the first person to synthesize piracetam. Little did Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea realize that he had stumbled upon a brain booster par excellence.

Like other nootropics, piracetam’s value is in its remarkable ability to stimulate brain function, and enhance concentration, mood, attention span, and general mental sharpness. For this reason, piracetam has come to be regarded as the king of nootropics, because it is more effective than most of the other nootropic smart drugs that have been developed subsequently.

What does the drug do exactly?

It is believed that the main root of piracetam’s power lies in its ability to ramp up NDMA and AMPA receptors. In addition, the drug is also thought to be a vasodilator as well as having the ability to stimulate blood circulation. All these actions have positive implications for brain function.

Is piracetam safe to use?

Provided the correct piracetam dosage is followed, no harm whatsoever will come to you. Extensive studies indicate beyond reasonable doubt that the drug is generally safe as houses and that piracetam side effects are few and far between.

Up to now, nothing has been found indicating that piracetam is anything other than safe in most cases, although there may be rare piracetam side effects such as insomnia, fatigue, nausea, headaches, gastrointestinal upsets, and depression. Nevertheless, you can buy piracetam and use it freely with no worries or concerns.

What is the right piracetam dosage?

When you buy piracetam, you should not make the mistake of opening the bottle and popping pills indiscriminately. As with any drug, it is vital to stick to the right piracetam dosage at all times. Even if you feel in need of extra mental stimulation, you should know it is NOT safe to increase piracetam dosage beyond the recommended amount of 800 mg taken twice per day. This is the usual piracetam dosage for cognitive enhancement, but persons suffering from Raynaud’s disease or deep vein thrombosis may be prescribed larger dosages by their doctors because of piracetam’s blood coagulating properties. There should be no confusion between these two, completely different applications of piracetam.

Where can I buy piracetam?

Piracetam, along with other nootropics, can be purchased from a raft of websites. It is best to stick to websites which have a good track record of provide quality products, one of the best of these websites is called Peak Nootropics, which is certainly a leader in its class. That’s because the firm knows the business back to front, unlike some of the competing firms selling piracetam. If you have any queries about piracetam side effects, or the use of piracetam generally, it is always good to deal with a company that is expert in the field.

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