Nootropics Designed to Enhance Your Mood

When most people think of nootropics, the first thing that comes to mind is their reported cognitive enhancing capabilities. Although this is definitely a viable reason to take these supplements, there are also other benefits that users and medical studies have attributed to some of these pills. For example, Phenibut is believed to help people who suffer from insomnia, and some have stated that it also improves the overall quality of each night’s sleep.

Another category of nootropics that has gained a lot of attention recently contains those which have been shown to improve the user’s mood and help them combat the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Although none of these nootropics should be looked at as a replacement for prescription antidepressants, there is a mounting level of evidence to suggest that they can help people with mood regulation.

Six Nootropics That Could Give You a Mood Boost

1. Taurine – This naturally occurring amino acid offers many potential benefits, ranging from glucose control to increasing the user’s concentration skills. However, two of the most interesting perks that have been associated with Taurine are its sedative and calmative effects. Researchers and users have pointed out that this can make it easier to deal with social anxiety, and people also take Taurine to feel more relaxed and improve their ability to fall asleep quickly.

2. Aniracetam – It is common for scientists to test nootropics on lab rats, and this has led to some very interesting Aniracetam research. Multiple studies have confirmed that Aniracetam can help reduce fear, depression and social anxiety, even when taken in small amounts. Numerous users have reported the same benefits, so Aniracetam could be a good choice if you want to boost your mood.

3. Citicoline – Most of the research involving Citicoline’s potential effect on mood has been based around patients who have clinical depression or suffer from an addiction to methamphetamine. At least one clinical test has found a positive link between Citicoline and the reduction of depressive symptoms in people who are dealing with addiction or depression. There are also some user reviews that highlight this nootropic’s natural ability to make people experience temporary mood enhancement.

4. Coluracetam – Studies that were conducted by the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation found some promise in Coluracetam’s ability to reduce anxiety and the symptoms associated with major depressive disorder. In the future, it is even possible that this nootropic could be used to help create a new depression medication. In the meantime, users can add Coluracetam to their stack to help them meet their mood goals.

5. Noopept – Researchers have discovered that Noopept can help reduce anxiety, and there is also some evidence that users may experience a heightened state of relaxation. The results of one study suggest that the best results can be achieved by stacking a minimal amount of Noopept with a normal dose of Piracetam, and this is reportedly a good way to increase overall cognitive functionality.

6. Piracetam – User reviews vary between the effectiveness of taking Piracetam on its own or with Noopept, but there is ample scientific research to suggest that this nootropic can improve cognitive functionality and decrease anxiety. One study determined that test subjects that were prone to high levels of anxiety were able to reach a state of relaxation more quickly than usual as a result of taking Piracetam.

There are also several additional nootropics that users have turned to for a mental boost, including Sulbutiamine, Inositol and Adrafinil. Ideally, you should look into the other reported benefits of each particular nootropic before choosing which one to add to your regular routine. After all, it is possible that you could receive a mood boost while also getting the specific cognitive enhancement that you desire by sticking with one nootropic or a small stack. Keep in mind that user results may vary, so it could be necessary to try out a few different combinations before you find the perfect fit for your exact needs.

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