Phenylpiracetam – What You Need to Know


This drug was developed in Russia starting 1983 and onwards to the 1990s as a prescription medicine for the enhancement of cures for organic-based conditions, deficiencies, and injuries in the brain¹. Today, it is associated with the relief from stress and depression as well as a stimulant that increases the body’s toleration for physical and psychological stress including extreme cold weather².

Thus, researches on phenypiracetam are extensive in the Russian context in contrast to the findings elsewhere that need to be expanded scientifically and conclusively on this over-the-counter supplement that is circulated in Western countries¹ ².

Users’ feedback is an excellent source of material for this potentially popular supplement where there appears to be no existing reports or experiences of overdoses, negative or lethal side effects, or withdrawal symptoms. This supplement, thus, is generally perceived and considered safe by many users and reviewers.

Benefits of Its Use

Reviews show highly positive reports of the following effects of the use of this supplement: euphoria or the feeling of general well-being, increased motivation for work and the completion of tasks, greater concentration and focus for the solution of problems and the elimination of obstructions, enhanced learning and memory-recall capacity and the honing of motor skills, stress reduction, increased physical stamina and endurance, and tolerance for extreme cold weather. Other reviews enrich these with associations of phenylpiracetam to mood regulation and the management of depression, the surge and maintenance of intense energy, the reduction of anxiety and the possible modulation of brain nerves and transmitters leading to the elimination of sources of stress and “brain fog ” or confusion.

Clearly, the potential and existing users of phenylpiracetam are people-on-the-go who need to accomplish many tasks within a short period of time. The testimonies on this supplement abound among students cramming for exams and/or those who urgently need to complete papers and other academic requirements within strict deadlines and executives and managers who need to keep up with a stressful work schedule. It is not surprising, thus, that this supplement’s popularity is increasing given the benefits of productivity, the feeling of well-being, and the enhancement of both cognitive abilities and physical stamina that it brings. One of the frequently cited advantages of the use of this supplement is the fact that it takes effect faster and remains in the body longer vis-à-vis the use of similar amphetamine- based drugs which also bring more negative effects with the minimum dose of 100-200mg 2-3 times a day³ .

Warnings and Cautions from Reviews

The minimum of negative feedback accompanies the use of phenylpiracetam which ranges from insomnia or “sleep disturbances” to possible dehydration. Reviewers and users seem to express the consensus that this supplement might be used only when needed, perhaps, to avoid the occurrence of negative effects that result out of its feature as a stimulant.

Considering the effects of phenylpiracetam, this drug-cum-supplement and its genre are banned from use in many athletic competitions including the Olympic Games for the unfair advantage that its consumption gives athletes as a high energy stimulant and a source of stamina and endurance.


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