What are Nootropics?


In this day and age, success in the academic and business spheres (and in fact in life generally) depends on being whip smart at all times. Dullards have a tendency to fall behind, while the more sharp-witted among us tend to take full advantage. For this reason, it pays to look at ways to pep up one’s brain function, and nootropics are one such aid to memory and brain enhancement. But, what exactly are nootropics?

Smart DrugsNootropic Drugs – Smart Food for the Mind

Nootropics are loosely defined as “smart drugs”, which are claimed to enhance brain function and thus make the individuals that use nootropic drugs more sharp-witted than they would otherwise be.

It was back in 1972 that an obscure Romanian chemist and psychologist by the name of Corneliu E. Giurgea coined the word nootropic to describe drugs possessing the ability to enhance brain function in a number of ways. Giurgea had already synthesized piracetam in 1964, and the latter drug is thought to be the first of a raft of “smart drugs” of this kind.

Dr. Giurgea stated that nootropic drugs had to fulfill certain criteria in order to qualify for the classification. These criteria are as follows:

  • Nootropics should boost memory and learning ability.
  • They should also strengthen the ability of learned forms of behavior as well as memories to withstand forces such as hypoxiation and electroshock treatment.
  • They should afford protection to the brain from a variety of injuries, either chemical or physical (for example, due to the ingestion of scopolamine or barbiturates).
  • Nootropics should make the controlling mechanisms of the cortex more effective.
  • Unlike other kinds of psychotropic drugs, nootropic drugs should have no sedative or stimulant effects, as well as possessing negligible side effects.
  • They should also have virtually no detectable toxicity.

Nootropics are said to have noticeable positive effects on a number of different aspects of brain function; for example, they are claimed to enhance cognitive ability and memory, as well as overall intelligence. They are also said to up the capacity of individuals to concentrate, maintain attention span, and keep their motivation levels sky high.

Are nootropic drugs completely safe?

While any drug with the ability to act as a “magical bullet” (as far as ramping up brain function is concerned) would be immensely welcome, one must always guard against the risk of long term damage to the mind and body. Naturally, individuals contemplating using nootropics need to satisfy themselves that these smart drugs are one hundred percent safe before they start popping pills in a bid to become instantly smarter.

Now, the good news for those who wish to make themselves smart using nootropic drugs is that piracetam has been given a more or less clean bill of health, and it is claimed to be free of hazards or significant side effects. The same goes for a raft of related nootropics such as racetam, noopept, aniracetam, oxiracetam, and pramiracetam.

How do nootropics do what they do?

Power of NootropicsOne thing you must understand is that a nootropic supplement will not deliver a permanent boost to your IQ in a month of Sundays. The positive effects of nootropics such as piracetam, choline, and pyritinol are temporary, so to keep seeing the benefit of nootropics you must continue taking the supplement on an ongoing basis. The minute you cease ingesting the nootropic, your brain function and intelligence will fall back to their original levels.

As regards the positive effects of nootropic smart drugs, these relate to the rampedup production of neurotransmitters, which is directly stimulated by the consumption of nootropic supplements. It is an unquestionable fact that increased neurotransmitter activity has a beneficial effect on attention span, mood, memory, and concentration.

Furthermore, nootropics also boost the flow of vital blood to the brain. That means your brain will get a better supply of glucose, nutrients, and oxygen, all of which are important for effective brainwork, especially when there’s a need to concentrate for long periods of time.

Who benefits from nootropic drugs and where can they be obtained?

Students are perhaps the people who will benefit most from the careful use of nootropic supplements like piracetam. When revising for exams, or writing up lengthy assignments, students need their brains to be performing at optimum levels and then some!

On the other hand, nootropics will be of help to anyone with a heavy workload and who feels that their brain is not up to dealing efficiently with the pace and intensity of the work they have to do. Additionally, when deadlines approach, there may be a need to work all hours to clear one’s desk of a pile of work, and this is where nootropic smart drugs are perfectly placed to make things a hell of a lot easier.

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