What are Racetams?

In today’s world, competition is fierce in business and elsewhere, and it is only natural that those with sharper wits will reap the greater rewards going forward. For this reason, individuals who lack great mental acuity would do well to look around for an enhancement agent to give them a fighting chance of competing against the best. Nootropic drugs, especially racetams, are arguably the best bet for this purpose.

Introduction to Racetams

There are certain drugs, known as nootropics or “smart drugs”, which have been proven to be capable of enhancing a range of mental functions. Concentration, attention span, mood, and overall mental focus all benefit from the use of racetams, the best known of which is piracetam.

Piracetam, the first racetam, was synthesized as long ago as 1963, by an obscure chemist from Romania by the name of Corneliu E. Giurgea, but in more recent times racetam has become a buzzword among students seeking to snag themselves an effective study aid – when faced with preparation for examinations, or a mound of outstanding academic work.

Who should use racetam supplements?

As already mentioned, college students are among the most avid consumers of racetam pills, but students are by no means the only people who stand to benefit from the use of racetams in their day by day lives. For example, business executives could see benefits, and the same goes for anyone who needs to work at a sustained and fast pace with maximum mental focus at all times. Racetams are in actual fact a kind of magic bullet for brain enhancement.

Unlike some health supplements, which are subject to misinformation and false claims, racetams have been shown to have definite (and quite marked) effects on brain function. This they achieve by stimulating the production of a raft of neurotransmitters. As such, there is no mumbo jumbo about the claims made for racetam pills, so it should be a no brainer to sign on the dotted line for a supply of them.

Are racetams safe to use regularly?

Naturally, it is wise to look into any dangers or side effects associated with racetam supplements before you jump off the deep end. While boosting one’s mental sharpness has obvious benefits, these would be cancelled out if there were risks to one’s overall health.

Well, in this case, the good news is that racetam pills are pretty safe. Provided you stick to the recommended dosage, which is usually stated as a maximum of 800 mg, twice per day, you are unlikely to suffer any ill effects. On the flipside, side effects from the prolonged use of racetam supplements are not unknown, although they are rare. Such side effects include things like depression, nausea, nervous tension, irritability, and insomnia. If you experience such symptoms, you are advised to discontinue your use of racetams immediately.

Where to buy racetams

Using Google, it should be easy as pie to obtain a supply of racetam pills. One thing you should know is that racetams are marketed under different names, one of the most widespread being “Nootropyl” (or sometimes “Nootropill”). Other names used in the marketing of racetam products include things like “Lucetam”, “Geratam”, and “Biotropil”, to name but a few. You can find some Racetams @ PeakNootropics

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